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Originally Posted by SamW View Post
Fine looking couple! Curious to know, how did you find the hop into the 4.6is after 3.0i?
Night and day, Sam. I think this is also mostly to blame on the terrible maintenance that the 3.0i had received prior to my ownership. Like I said, I just wanted a car to drive with during the winter but ended up totally falling in love with the E53 model. Even though the suspension was in horrible shape (I got it fixed eventually), the engine never missed a beat while it was nearing 400k. I do definitely notice that the 4.6is has a lot more precise and sporty steering and handling compared to my old 3.0i, but it's hard to say if it's to blame on the suspension.

As for compared to the E30... The E53 in general is a very luxurious experience. The E30 was very luxurious for its time back in 1984, with OEM cruisecontrol/airconditioning/electric windows, etc. But the E53 is truly something else, it just feels, drives and handles like a brand new car.

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