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Originally Posted by jpilk99 View Post
Hi All,

I know this is a relatively common thread around the web on E53s (I have an 01). But my question this morning, for not being able to open the drivers rear door either from the inside or outside (thankfully I was able to get the door panel off!!!), is:

Does anyone have a DIY or video explaining how the lock mechanism works?

I watched a video where someone banged on the outside and inside of the door - with the panel off - where the lock mechanism sits ...and it "shook free" a stuck lock mechanism. The issue came back and the person bathed the lock area with PB Blaster... I've tried this with no luck. I'm lifting up on the physical lock actuator knob/rod but it doesn't seem to "click" and unlock. Oddly, the button on the console of the X5, by the hazard light, is not doing anything. I will go out and try the key fob.

Just hoping, if someone can share how the actual lock mechanism works, I may be able to fix with that info. Thank you.

Can you open it from the outside, but not the inside? If so, there is a toggle on the door that allows you to disable the ability of a passenger (child) to open the door from the inside. If that's not the case, it's likely a broken door handle carrier. They break over time or when operated when frozen. It's a design flaw. Pretty sure there are Youtube videos on changing the door handle carrier. Not a difficult job. If you're doing it yourself I'd recommend you order a bunch of door panel fasteners. They are plastic and they break. Good luck.
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