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Originally Posted by jpilk99 View Post
You need the door open to get to that button/switch. I can't open the door.

And not fer nuttin, but if it was the child safety lock - I should still be able to open it from the outside... I (appreciate the help/suggestion) but thinking it is not the child safety feature.

Is there some picture/video that shows someone actuating the door release from inside the guts of the door - with the door panel off?
OK. You said you have the panel off. If you look in there carefully you should see the cable attachment point for the door handle carrier. That cable attaches to a little rod/lever on the door strike/lock box. You should be able to reach in there and operate that lever with your hand or a tool. You want to try that one because if the safety lock has been toggled, the one the interior door cable attaches to won't work. If you are able to lift up the one the outside door handle is attached to, it should open the door. If it doesn't you have something broken in the strike/lock box. I don't know of another way to open the door unfortunately. You may need to take it to a indy that is familar with BMW's as I can't believe this would be the first time this ever happened. I would also go on youtube and see if you can find anything there on opening the door in this condition.
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