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Originally Posted by jac View Post
In my case the rubber tube on the ignition coils is coming out completely clean. So I do not think the oil is coming from the top of the head. That is what I was trying to clarify when I said that the oil is found on the electrode side of the spark plug. The "electrode side" is the side of the spark plug exposed to the piston/injector in the attached diagram.

I also replaced the head cover gasket (all 3 pieces) about 2 years ago with original BMW parts... I guess I could have screwed that up (not seating the gaskets properly), but that would not explain why the coil tubes come out clean.
I think the confusion came from your titling the thread with "electrode" (which I think is what you mean), and then in the first post, say "injector" instead of electrode.

Yes, if your coil tubes are free of oil, and if you have oil on the electrode side of the plugs (internal to the cylinder, isolated from the oil under the cylinder head cover / valve cover) then that oil is probably coming from elsewhere. There are a few options, including valve stem seals leaking. Having all of them equally wet would be a clue. Is it liquid, caked residue?

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