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Yes, 5 speed does not have overdrive. They fixed that in 2004-2006, which has a 6 speed manual. You could find one of those.

From what I remember, each engine offered for e53 has a different ratio in the differentials, which means 4.4 and the 4.6 have different final drive. Also, E53 transfer case does not care for missing inputs/outputs. If it's the tcase with no actuation motor (the early one), you will get no forward power at all if even one axle shaft comes out of a diff, much less a missing driveshaft. It's not a 70's dodge.

I once looked to see if e46 awd (330ix) ratios were any good, and if their diffs would swap, since they share the m54. you could look into that. They would have to be geared numerically lower than 4.10.

I don't think my e53 did 4k rpms at 75 on the highway, but its been so long since it went that speed, I couldn't say.
2001 E53 3.0 5pd
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