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AC compressor choices

Getting an odd low rhythmic growling noise for a few seconds (best way I can describe it) on start, a second or so after the engine fires up and stabilizes. It’s not happening all the time, but is clearly tied to something spinning and goes away after a few seconds. Both my fan clutch and ac compressor are original, so one or the other is my prime suspect for a bearing starting to go.

I’m trying to narrow it down by only starting the car with the climate control Off, which would point to the compressor if I can’t repeat it in this configuration. That said, I see two makes of compressors at FCP: Denso and Mahle/Behr while ECS Tuning lists a Nissens compressor. Any recommendations between these three, if that’s where I end up? Denso is OEM I think, and while none are crazy money, the other two are about $100 less than the Denso.

I’ll likely throw a new fan clutch and fan (design change at some point after mine was made) at it anyway too, since mine is so old. I worry about the fan coming apart at high rpm.
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