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Pic diagnostics

The X5 was parked for 5 days. I received these pictures after it was moved. Since it was not turned on during that time, I assume it's coolant. At 162,000 miles, it's time. I have been topping it off during this hot summer. I figured the problem might be the 1.2 bar relief tank cap. Guess not. Being parked all the way over to the driveway edge, it's the left engine side. Today, I'll take a flashlight to look under the water pump. The pump was replaced before purchase. I've only replaced a few hoses and thermostat.

Any tips before starting the work? A box full of OEM parts is ready to go. Plus a a new CCV system. Should I put it up on ramps so parts are easier to reach? Or use wood planks to raise it a few inches?
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