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Originally Posted by hamza View Post
40mA. Bah, way over that right now then at 200mA.

Guess I need to figure out what the heck else is staying on then. Could be anything else on the iBus I guess?
Just did this test myself. It takes 16 min (advertised) to go fully to sleep. I secured my meter between ground wire and post by the fuseable link box under the trunk floor on the left side (didnít want to pull my air compressor again). Then I propped it up so I could read it with the trunk lid closed and closed and locked the car. Hack your watch and wait. It goes down in a couple small increments, as I assume boxes go to sleep, but at right about 16 min the current dropped significantly to between 40 and 50 milliamps.

If it doesnít go to sleep fully, then pull a fuse to a likely suspect and repeat the above process. I read that the phone and nav tend to cause these problems.
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