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A coolant system pressure check was done. First test was to 1 bar. The upper hose only two years old failed. The hose dripped under 1 bar of pressure. I thought it was at the o ring. A new o ring was installed. At 1 bar, it failed again. Using a mirror, the hose connection failed. The single clamp ring didn't hold. The lock adapter spun inside the hose. Luckily, I had another replacement. The new hose snapped in with good force. It passed a 15 min 1 bar test. No other leaks were found. Bentley says to test it, go to 1.5 bar. It should not drop more than 10% in 2 minutes. Pressure held at 1.5 bar for 3 minutes. Pressure was released and inspection was done. The test will need to be done again when a heater valve supply hose is installed. Blue coolant will go in with a new supply heater valve hose. Three gallons of distilled water diluted the previous green coolant.
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