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Finally some free time and nice weather! A new tank and mounting plate were installed. All the work went slow and steady. The fan and shroud were taken off for better access. A break in drive was done too. No leaks were noted! The plate installation during the refresh was probably not correct. It was my first time doing such work on so many plastic parts. I'll check the coolant level every drive for 1-2 weeks.
Attached are oil cooler pictures. Hopefully others will find them useful. Install the mounting clip first. Next, use the fan spanner wrench for leverage. The oil cooler tank will pop right in.

Positive: My missing 19mm ratchet wrench was found. On the wiper cowl! I have no idea how it didn't go flying off for several weeks.

Negative: After all the coolant system refresh, three sensors, and now a third tank with a sensor, the "check coolant level" warning is still active.
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