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A few little things the past few days while I'm waiting on the sunroof kit still.

- looking at this oil leak..
- various cleaning / detail cleaning, as always everything needs cleaned
- hooked up to ISTA for initial diag scan, looks good .. or at least cleared recently

- new rear emblem, original one was quite chipped
- new shift boot, original was torn
- new 6 SPD dark wood knob, the original one the tab was broken off up inside, so it would spin around .. undrivable. Hard to find these anymore, quite expensive, but worth it, symbolically it makes the car mine.
- replaced parking brake boot, original one was torn
- replaced drivers side seat belt, tensioner wasn't working right, annoying like the shift knob
- added missing door lock pin grommets on three doors, huge difference
- added missing srs airbag emblem on passenger door card

- replaced sunroof seal around roof
- replaced rear sunroof glass seal
- tested and cleared sunroof drains, the front right one was clogged and leaking into the glove box. Fixed with some weed wacker wire, compressed air, and the garden hose. Very glad I tried it while apart

- finished sourcing all upper interior pieces in black, to match the lower trim. No sport pkg unfortunately, basically retrofitting it. it had the white headliner and pillars. A b and c pillars, sun visors, sun visor attachment things, sun visor lights, rear reading lights, four grab handles, four those square hook things, overhead console all in black. I'm also stoked that the black overhead console has the sunglass holder. The stock one it was just a dumb white piece of plastic instead. Nice
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