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Re: Members Location (map?)

Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
Wasn't sure about starting this thread but I thought maybe if someone was traveling, visiting or needed info of an area this might help in the future.

If this seems like a useful thread then maybe it could become a sticky later?
When I first joined the Teardrops n' Tiny Travel Trailers, back in '11, there was a feature where members were located on a map. It was soon discontinued, for some reason (maybe too many members, too many members leaving the site, cost? to use, administrators' time taken up was too great, etc.). But it was a vbulletin forum like this one, and there is the programming/coding needed for it, still out there.

If there are any Admins dtill active (not sure, but I tried unsuccessfully to contact any, recently), then perhaps a "members maps" may be instituted, but also limited in scope concerning their: number of posts (minimum must be met),and currently active status (recent posts within, say, six months?). ???

I would guess that premier members, admins, mods, and those with an "emeritus" status would get an automatic inclusion.
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