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Originally Posted by apw2607
I'm assuming you have NAV in your car then? If so, you need to install a video input module, or the BMW OEM TV Tuner with AUX video input.

EAS sell their own video input module, but requires a seperate external button to switch between the NAV computer video output and the external video input (for the video source you wish to display on the NAV), or Dietz sell one that allows you to switch by simply pressing the "clock button" on the NAV board monitor ... but is more expensive. Dietz units are now available at the store.
Not true. Our DVD player features a trigger wire that will switch the video feed on and off with the remote with no need for external switches or button commands. You simply turn on the DVD player with the remote and the NAV switches to DVD mode - easily and seamlessly.

If you are using an iPod as a video source, it will need an external switch as the ipod does not have a trigger wire. DVD will always have a clearer picture than the iPod since it is not compressed under the iPod's 320x240 format, but the iPod has a pretty clear picture.

This picture is taken from an iPod video playing a music video downloaded from iTunes:

Our DVD also features a built-in TV tuner if you wish to maintain TV functionality, most people do not even use this function since the DVD player is multi-format compatible.

As always, feel free to contact me directly if you have have specific questions.
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