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mkIII nav v27

i bought a v27 nav disk for my 525 e39 from ebay it updates fine but at the end does not tell me whats version has been installed i.e i think it should be 7. i download v27 from this site with the x5 splash screen(nice) but it does not update the screen goes blank and the disk gets stuck i tried it with many disks but they all did the same thing. if v27 is ony for the mk4 nav what is the latest ver for mkIII and where can i get it please. thanks in advance lee in london england!!!!!!

(just a little thing the mk4 units on ebay are going for £400 to £500 but i phoned my bmw stealership today to check out the price and the guy told me they are £365 so was he wrong or are people on ebay buying them and putting on £100 if i get one from bmw i will let you know what i paid if they are £365 i will be defo getting one!!!!)

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