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Originally Posted by The Cleaner
Well that whistle was starting to drive me crazy and I set out to find it. Only took about 2 minutes. The air boot was cracked, and cracked badly. I have no idea how it could not have throw a code or made the car run rough. Anyway grabbed a new boot and slapped it in and the noise is gone. I have read a lot of others have heard this noise so I am sharing my finding.

The boot cracks on the bottom of the little tube, and is not easy to see. Its also not easy to get to the hose clamps. I had to get them with a really long extension from under the car.

I hope that was not posted already, I did not see anything about it.

Thank you for this info. I just discovered mine this past week and it is annoying. I am going to schedule the dealer to fix it since its still under warranty.
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