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One of these parts? (3.0i Vacuum Control from OEM parts)

No. Description Supplement Qty From Up To Part Number Price Notes
01SUCKING JET PUMP 1 06/2005 11617503623 $46.87 +core
01SUCKING JET PUMP 111617546048 $46.87 +core
02HOSE ELBOW 111617503666$10.60
03HOSE ELBOW 1 06/200511617503624$7.92
03HOSE ELBOW 111617547586 +core
04CLAMP 111151726340 $0.62
05HOSE CLAMP21,3MM 111151726339 $0.56

Sorry about the formatting.

I have a 4.4i with a slight whistling sound (no driveability issues). I'm looking for comparable parts to see if I'm having the same problem.
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