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Palm 700p Bluetooth problem.

As some of you know I bought a Palm 700P. Works great web browsing E-mail the whole shabang. One interesting problem recently came up that has me stumped. Bluetooth paired fine, speed-dial numbers downloaded, and dialing out and in worked great including a 2 way conversation. Now all of a sudden i can dial a number from the X5 but i cant hear a thing. No dialing tone and when the person on the other end picks up they cannot hear me and I cannot hear them. You can see the X5 going thru the process of dialing the number. If I pick up the palm and listen in while the X5 is processing the call i can hear the call being placed and the person answering. On the other hand if someone calls me while i'm in the X5 I can hear the ringer on the Palm, and a hight pitched ring on the X5 at the same time and a 2 way conversation when I answer with the X5 controls. Yes the Volumn is turned up. Strange goings on. Got any answers?
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