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Maybe your Bluetooth connection has gotten corrupted. You need to re-pair the Treo 700p with your BMW. First, on your Treo 700p, go to Bluetooth and go to Trusted Device and delete BMW ULF off your Treo 700p. Then repair and see what happens. I hate to tell you this, but if you look at's forum re: Treo 700p's bluetooth support....currently, it appears to be worse than the Treo 650. Plenty of headsets do not work with the 700p and also hands-free car kit. However, I am sure Palm will release updated firmware to address this.

When I first owned the VZW Treo 650, Palm released I believe 3 different updates for the VZW Treo 650 with the latest being firmware 1.04 which was the most stable and had better bluetooth connection with BMWs. Unfortunately, I think you returned your Treo 650 before they released firmware 1.04 for the Treo 650.

Hopefully, Palm will release an updated firmware for the Treo 700p that will fix the bluetooth stuff and also "slower than Treo 650" response time with the 700p when switching applications. However, the Treo 700p EV-DO and plenty of memory and stable OS (I haven't had any real crashes) has been great! I still have my Treo 650 and it does switch programs faster than the Treo 700p even though the Treo 650 only has 1.5MB free vs. the Treo 700p having 42MB free.

Originally Posted by Quicksilver
As some of you know I bought a Palm 700P. Works great web browsing E-mail the whole shabang. One interesting problem recently came up that has me stumped. Bluetooth paired fine, speed-dial numbers downloaded, and dialing out and in worked great including a 2 way conversation. Now all of a sudden i can dial a number from the X5 but i cant hear a thing. No dialing tone and when the person on the other end picks up they cannot hear me and I cannot hear them. You can see the X5 going thru the process of dialing the number. If I pick up the palm and listen in while the X5 is processing the call i can hear the call being placed and the person answering. On the other hand if someone calls me while i'm in the X5 I can hear the ringer on the Palm, and a hight pitched ring on the X5 at the same time and a 2 way conversation when I answer with the X5 controls. Yes the Volumn is turned up. Strange goings on. Got any answers?
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