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Hey thanks for the response. I found the bluetooth article on the palm site that said the same thing. I decided to pair the CEO's razr v3 just to see if it was the X. The V3 paired just fine and dialed just fine and connected just fine.

Here's the interesting part. When I first paired the Palm it worked just fine for a number of days but then a few days ago when all this started i noticed at the top of the Palm screen where the Bluetooth icon usually goes there was a pair of headphones in it's place. I surmise that the palm see's the BMW as a headset rather than an auto. So after reading about the curruption issue i did delete the X5 as a trusted device. After i tried to reinstall it as a trusted device the Palm refused to pair as an auto device but instead paired as a headset. So i'm gonna go out side and see if after using the V3 to erase the palm's addresses maybe it will see the X as an auto device. Stand by, the saga continues.
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