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actually both my E39 M5 and my E60 M5 do that.. Hell.. my Audi S4 does that too.. annoying.

Originally Posted by Quicksilver
A few days ago we used the Navigation to get somewhere and I noticed that whenever the Navi made an announcement for a change of direction the music would cut off until the navi stopped talking then the music resumed. Kinda like someone cuttin in on the music at a hardward store to announce "Can we have a checker up front?" It drove me nuts. So I asked myself: "SELF" does the X5 do that? The answer is no it does not and I hope i find a way to program the 530i to stop cuttin off the music like it does. I hate it when stores do this. I want to go and find a phone pick it up myself and say "Would you please stop yelling over the intercom and interupting the music"? "PLEASE STOP YELLING OVER THE INTERCOM WE CAN HEAR YOU!!!!!!
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