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Is retrofit NAV coding necessary ?


I spent today successfully retro-fitting the full professional nav to my 2006 X3 with new flip-up screen (previously just business CD) - pictures and instructions to follow later next week when I get time to write it up.

This has gone well - largely thanks to the useful information in these forums and the very helpful people at Woods BMW in Odiham UK and Crevier Parts Santa Anna . I used second-hand Mk4 nav computer and CID control from ebay but everything else is new OEM imported from US (half UK stealer price).

My question - the last step of the BMW instructions is to get the nav retrofit coded through a dealer's DIS computer. I'm aware that the Mk4 hold's the car's VIN (in my case this is probably wrong one as its second hand) but this isn't visable on any Nav menus I can find. What other things need to be set by the DIS? Should I get this done to avoid invalidating the warranty?

UK dealers are very reluctant to recode DIY retrofits quoting examples of cars that had to be entirely recoded - hours of work. I've installed this for 1400 and don't mind spending additional 100 labour to complete it but local BMW dealers refuse to offer fixed price for the coding.

I've tested this installation pretty thoroughly and all appears ok - nav directions and location appear to be spot on, phone works correctly through BT, even old IceLink Plus works (although UI with text on is very poor and special playlist 6 is not intuitive)

Nav is running v27.0 with 2006/2 DVD Europe (High). Mk4 was from an X5 (manufactured 2006) all other parts are late 2005 or 2006

Appreciate your thoughts


2006 x3 2.0d Sport
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