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Originally Posted by JV
Anyone else using the Samsung A900? Anyone get it paired with BT in your X5? If so, what kinda of BT setup do you have?

I'm using it with BT in my X5. Paired instantly and no probs. I have the OEM BT retro kit. Everything works as it should except for address book x-fer but I hear there is some tweaking that corrects this on the A900. I really don't care as I use voice dialing. Numbers you dial from the car are still stored in the X's address book. For me, that is the same three or four numbers all the time.

Let me add that I was not so happy with the BT sound quality in my X5 with my previous LG phone. Now with the A900, calls are crystal clear and the people I am talking too say they can hear me much better.

I like the caller ID on the MID for incoming text messages too.

So far, so good
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