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AA makes software. Works pretty well as I have it on mine. The charcoal filters don't do shit.. only there for emission reasons. I have them removed. With the both mods in place, pretty significants gains on the dyno on both HP and torque. Can't justify at the moment on spending 7G's on headers though.. The price will come down..

Originally Posted by DINANM3
So I guess headers and exhaust and first on my list of mods when I get my E60. Im sure you will need a software upgrade for that kind of mod. does anyone make it yet for a car with exhaust mods. By the way are there any intake mods out yet. And whats up with that extra filter the NA cars get that the euros dont. Supposedly it gives like 10hp by removing it. Is this true and if so does removing it hurt anything and does anyone know why we have it and the euros dont
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