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Originally Posted by Brian-bmw
I assume the E46 as a MKIV computer? If so, there are no risks really, just benefits. Sometimes, an upgrade can kick the navigation computer into "Euro" mode, which means that the "Emergency" menu option goes away, the Accept screen is disabled, short distances are in yards instead of feet, and you gain the Route Magnet option. The reason I do not call Euro mode a risk, is because that is actually the preferred setup for almost everyone who has a nav system.
It looks the same as our X3, even though the screen at the front is at the middle of the dash and not at the top. The maps dvd is the same. We live in Germany, so the "Euro" mode is not an issue for him. It might be for us, as we have the assist option (not active yet nonetheless), but I don't think I'll care anything about it going away.

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