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Originally Posted by petertn
The Navigaton System on my 2003 X5 has got some issues. When I started the car this morning the Nav kept saying to wait a moment & then froze on that screen. I ejected the DVD & put it back in & then it kept saying to re-insert the DVD even though it was already in.

I'm not certain but it's either an mk3 or mk4 nav. This happen to anyone before?
Yes. Unfortunately (or perhaps for me fortunately ) it required a new Mk4 Navicomp - swapped under warranty.

The downside was they installed V27.1 over my V26(perspective) OS - so I now have a Nav where it only tells me where I am near, not where I actually am!!

Anyhow, back to your problem. A visit to the dealer may be in order - is your car still under warranty?
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