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Originally Posted by trapdoor
Agreed. When you consider the cost overhead to get an OEM Nav system as opposed to a TomTom or similar, you rightly expect and should get a top notch system.

I have logged the issue with BMW and they involved my dealer to do some diagnostics on my car and a couple of others on different versions. They have now finally conceded that there IS a bug/issue in the software on V27, V27.1 and V28 BUT they claim it could be 12 to 18 months (yes MONTHS) before a fix comes out!

I threatened BMW with civil action about this as having a system that DID work fine (albeit without perspective officially in V26) and they release software which downgrades the facilities, then in my view the unit was 'not as sold' and unfit for purpose (it's supposed to tell you exactly where you are, not where you are near).

I might add that the Operating System Software (V27/28 etc) is supplied by Siemens VDO BV (Dutch). Navteq (N.American) supply the map disks. DO NOT BE TEMPTED to upgrade from V27/27.1 to V28!!! V28 is only claimed to fix some hardware issues such as the SatNav flap not closing. It has no mapping changes over V27/27.1. You could seriously F**K up your system & end up with a blank screen which will cost you upwards of 1200 to have replaced. Ladies & Gentlemen - DON'T DO IT.
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