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Gave up trying to find official fix; down/upgrade didn't work...

So I just burned a v22 software disc to down/up grade from v28 and it didn't work for the split screen. I got kicked back into Euro mode but no split on the radio. On the daowngrade I did the radio on/off/on trick but perhaps I did it at the wrong time.

When exactly do you turn the radio back on? After you remove the software disc and put back in the map disc I pushed "ok", the screen goes blank and then when the "BMW" splash screen comes up I turned the radio on and when the screen comes up, with the destination entry screen, I turned the radio off then on. Is this right or at what exact times do I do this? The instructions only say to do it when it is rebooting but that is a little vague. Should I be using v21 instead? Thanks.
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