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Originally Posted by El Jeffe
To upgrade to a MkIV you only need to purchase a MkIV nav drive. It's not a software update, it is a replacement of the drive unit that is located in the rear electronics bay (the unit you put the the nav disk into).

In order to do the upgrade you must remove the MkII and the GPS receiver (the GPS receiver is built into the MkIV) and connect the cables to the MkIV instead.
Thanks for the info.
Are you talking about going from this

To this

How much does it cost the MKIV unit? Do you have the part number for it?

Is the MKIV install a plug and play procedure, or do I need to desamble alot of parts in order to do it?
Final question, where is located the GPS MK II receiver?
Thanks in advance again and sorry for asking so many questions

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