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X5 bolt on running boards with X5 etched on them

Look under " OK so I got the X5 replica running boards" under the "X5 (E53) Forum" for the thread with the pics. I think it is this

The importer emailed that he can get the running boards with the X5 itched into them... read thru the tread to see what they look like...

One unit is $365 shipped anywhere in the US from Taiwan and if we buy 10 they will drop the unit price delivered to $330. Seems like an ok decent deal but not much of a discount...
I only want to pay the lower price, who else wants in on the group buy? ... this is the time to act. The importer told me that two of our brethern were also gathering us for a group buy but I have not seen any messages of the kind. If whoever the two of you are can strike a better deal, post it otherwise my suggestion is send me a PM so to accumulate the group for the discount, then I will inform the importer of the list of the group buying them and you can do your own direct payment to the importer.
I am going to buy a set either way but it would be nice to save the $35 bucks.

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