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OK it's done. It took 20 minutes if that. There's a small 1/4" slot on the lighting section. See pic below although you probably can't make it out. Just insert a small flat screwdriver there and very easily, you can pop out the lighting section. You can then unplug the power cable from it and set it aside so it's out of your way. As El Jeffe indicated, you should see 2 silver Torx (size T10) type screws. There are 2 more in the sunglasses holder area. Once you undo all of them (4 in total), the whole console drops down and dangles by the cables. You now have easy access to the microphone which you can just pull out and then unplug the cable from it. Plug it into the new upgraded microphone whichs snaps into the same spot where the old one was located. Make certain the arrow on the mic is pointing towards the windshield. Reverse the steps to put everything back. Tested the new microphone and called a few friends. Big improvement they told me. I also called my voicemail, left myself a message and then played it back. Yup, it definitely sounds mo bettah now.
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