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Add Speed Cameras to Europe 2007.1

I recall that RichardP1 very kindly posted the following instructions some time ago which related to 2006.1 and 2006.2, but how do we amend the files for 2007.1 ?

Here is a quick summary (in English! )of what you need to do, for more info on ripping and burning the DVD see the earlier part of the thread, I'll assume you know how to do it :

1) Make an ISO image of the 2006-1 DVD
2) Download the Speed camera database in ASC form from
Pocket GPS World, you need to subscribe to download, but it only costs £2 for a month's subscription or £19 for a year.
3) Download the following files into one folder:
POI Convertor
ASCI to IDX/URL Mk4 convertor
c) All the files from
4) Run the POI convertor on the .ASC file from Pocket GPS world, save it as a TomTom ASCII (*.ASC) file. This changes the structure slightly.
5) Run the asc2idxurl_mk4.exe program from the command prompt in the folder you downloaded everything to, make sure that there is only one .ASC file, the one saved from the POI convertor. Use the following command line : asc2idxurl_mk4 ENG CAMERAS
6) Rename CAMERAS.IDX to 0079.idx
7) Rename CAMERAS.URL to 0080.url
8) Modify the ISO image with these steps:
a) Add camera_splash.jpg to the "\TPD\Icons" folder (I'm not yet sure if this is required, I don't think it actually works for the MK4, but do it anyway for now).
b) Add POI_CAMERA.PNG to the "\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726\ICONS\RR" folder.
c) Add POI_CAMERA.PNG to the "\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726\ICONS\NAVIOX" folder.
d) Overwrite the ENG.LSC file in the ""\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726\ENG" folder.
e) Add 0079.idx to the "\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726\ENG\TABLES\0" folder.
f) Add 0080.url to the "\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726\ENG\TABLES\0" folder.
g) Add SF_CAMERAS.HTM to the "\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726\ENG\SE" folder.
h) Add ST_CAMERAS.HTM to the "\TPD\nccBeu_eu_20050726\ENG\SE" folder.
9) Burn you modified ISO image to a DVD-R.

You should now have SPEED CAMERAS as a POI option from the "Car" main catagory.

I've had a quick look at creating sub-catagories, but I don't think it's worth it. You can create different index entries for different types of camera, and there is nothing stopping you having duplicate entries, for example "All Cameras", "All Speed Cameras", "Red Light Cameras", "Mobile Cameras" etc. but I guess if you want the feature at all, you want all the cameras!

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