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Originally Posted by Winkle
It would be helpful if you explained what the format (RAR, ISO etc.) was of your downloaded file & how you burnt it. Your V28 CD obviously has corrupt files - there is nothing wrong with your Nav computers. There are many cleverer IT people than me on this forum who can help.

Here's a suggestion: Download UltraISO & use it to burn two ISO images to your HDD.

1. Burn an ISO image of your downloaded file.
2. Burn an ISO image of the V28 disk you created.

Then use Alcohol 120% to burn two V28 CD's from each HDD ISO image - at 1x speed only! I'll bet (1.) will solve your agony.
My unit won't recognize any DVD or CD that I put into it including the original Navteq 2006.2 DVD. When I insert any DVD or CD you can hear the unit spinning up and down louder than usual. My display will say ...."please wait". This spinning up and down goes on continuously for about 2 minutes then the display shows "No Nav DVD/CD in Drive. Please Insert DVD/CD into Drive". However the Nav DVD is in the drive. I can push the eject and the DVD does come out, but after I reinsert it, the whole process just starts over resulting in the No Nav DVD message. I pulled the fuses for about an hour, but there was no difference after I put them back in. The drive is clearly not able to recognize any media put into it regardless of origin. When I go to settings on the screen it shows that I have version 4/70 which is V.27. Also when I put it in the service mode it is showing an accurate location and showing that it is tracking satellites, so the problem is not with the computer itself. It seems that I have a bad DVD/CD drive mechanism. Anybody ever seen this and if so what is the fix? I hope this does not result in my having to buy a whole new MK4 unit. However it is looking more and more like that is going to be the case.Any Ideas?Mark
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