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Thanks, Vig. Wikipedia is the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Wikipedia charts answered all of my questions. The V12 engines are all Alusil. The '94-95 840ci engines were Nikasil, the '96-'97 models used the preferred Alusil engines.

I didn't know there were significant changes with the V12 engines through the 8-series production run:

850 Ci 1990-94 5.0L 295.02 hp 331.86 lb/ft
850 Ci 1995-99 5.4L 321.85 hp 361.36 lb/ft
850 CSi 1992-96 5.6L 375.49 hp 405.60 lb/ft

It looks like the 850CSi is a vehicle of interest. It's got to be a beast.

IMHO - the 8-series looks prettier than the current 6-series.
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