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sub amp and sub installed in a 323

To kill some time this last week-end I installed a sub amp and a 8" amp in my daughter's 323. It took me 3h all together which 45 mns where spent figuring out a problem with the factory amp which turned to be related to a low battery.
The amp is a 300w dual xpa2100. The sub is a 8" roadmaster. The amp was installed in the trunk under the CD changer and powered directly from the the battery + & - points. I got speaker high level inputs and remote turn on/off signals from the factory amp connector. To be able to turn on and off the amp from the driver seat I ran a wire into the cabin from the trunk to the central console and put a remote on/off switch there. Although I did not put the sub in an enclosure it does provide the missing bass "oumph" that the car audio was lacking and much improves the overall listening experience.
Pretty simple mod, nothing very fancy but a clean install and a good result.
I ran into one problem though. After everything was installed and worked fine initially for about 30mns or so the factory amp suddenly stopped working. The factory amp powers the front and rear woofers so I only had the tweeters working. I finally found out that this was due to a low battery and that the factory amp shuts itself off when the voltage is too low. Good to know. I charged the battery all night long and everything if fine. My daughter is happy and feels like I am a good dad ...... sometime :-)
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