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interesting. How come the dealer is not doing a dealer search? I saw 3 silver/black 335i's on my local dealer's lot with the combo/options you described. My dealer has over 30 335i's.

Originally Posted by Wpcmac
Just finalized the paperwork this week on a '07 335i sedan - Silver/black - PP, SP, CWP (even though I reside in FL....), CA, Sirius, and rear shades (bcs I live in the Sunshine St). Should be here beginning of March, I'll be counting the minutes until then...

We're keeping the X and trading the IS, but thought you guys would appreciate my excitement, I'm still a diehard Xer. Pics to come. If the wife is lucky, I might let her borrow my X so I can take her slow 335. (In other words, I'll be sneaking out in early morning light to steal her car...)
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