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Correct, the GPS antenna cable used to plugged into the Trimble GPS receiver. As the GPS receiver is not internal inside the nav computer, you disconnect the GPS antenna from the Trimble receiver, and you connect it to the nav computer.

The GPS antenna is physically located on the rear parcel tray, beside the 3rd brake light, under the trim. Make sure you dont have a metallic tint on your rear window, or anything metallic (like an umbrella) on your rear parcel tray. Otherwise your reception can be disturbed.

NOTE: if your boot lid is open it can also obstruct the GPS reception. Close the boot (trunk) to ensure the antenna is not obstructed.

If your nav unit is freshly installed in your car, it will take up to 15 or 20min to acquire the satellites and download the current almanac.

Park your car outside, with an unobstructed view of the sky, with ign in posiiton 1. Wait. Or go into service mode and observe GPS satellite receive status and almanac reception. A new nav comp, or one obtained from another country, will take time to adjust it's GPS reception to your location. Be patient for 15min.

If in doubt, go into service mode and check reception of satellites there. You should see the S/N value for satellite reception >0 , more the better. 10 is good. 0 is no signal. It takes 2 satellites to get a 2D fix, 3 for 3D.

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