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because the car/key memory module is tied to that.. same as the X5 also. Funny thing is you bringing back the old days -reliving 2002-2003 when all of this was discussed on turdfly..

Originally Posted by crosvs
SAN- you seem to be the E46 M3 god ... you have spot-on answers for EVERYthing thank you ... i'll def have the dealer fix the mirror/key memory module under warranty asap ... it ... IS covered under warranty, right?

EDIT: wait a second, you said faulty car KEY memory module? When I say M1 and M2 ... i mean car SEAT memory positions #1 and #2 (and obviously #3 too). So why would be this be a fault with the key as opposed to (a) the mirror itself and/or (b) the seat memory (rather than the key memory)?
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