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Test drove an M5

I saw that a local dealer had an '06 M5 CPO w/11K on the odo, and I've been thinking about making an offer on it. I took it for a test drive last night and the power and handling were simply amazing.

The paddle shifters and the SMG are an awesome combo, although the shifting in reg. auto mode is a little rougher than with a std. auto trans. But I guess that's because the gearbox is really more of a manual than an auto.

The HUD is cool, but I found it a little distracting. I guess you need to get used to it, or just turn it off when not needed.

They wanted $78K for it, but I thought that was a little high, and my wife complained that the ride was rougher than with our 745 (well, is a sports sedan isn't it?) Now I just need to decide if it's worth it.
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