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Is it just me, or does anyone not think that BMW will not graft the E92 coupe's face onto the E90. BMW has worked so hard to keep the designs separate, it seems like it would be a huge step backwards.

Does it not seem plausible that BMW is just reusing testing parts ordered for the E92 M3? This seems to make sense for the following reasons:

1. The hood doesn't sit flush with the new grill. This is probably because its using the E90 M3's hood with the E92 M3's bodykit.

2. BMW could save costs by using testing parts from the E92 M3. These would be the front bumper which carries along with it, the E92 M3's grills headlights AND front fender...

3. The E90 M3 will debut long after the E92 & E93 M3's... Therefore the testing schedule and timeframe for the E90 M3 and its appropriate specific parts can take longer.

4. BMW doesn't want to put on the real bumper E90 M3 bumper, because it will give off cues as to the E90 refresh - since the E90 M3 will debut after the refresh... Not that much would be given away except in the form of headlights & tail lights...
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