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That is the problem with all-season tires is that there is some compromise to allow the tires to work with snow.

The Pirelli Scropion Zero A is an all-season tire which does quite well for what it does.

However, since you won't be driving in the snow, unlike me who lives in an area that gets light snow sometimes and also our winter trips to Tahoe/Arrowhead, etc., you should try the ADVAN.

Just curious, why don't you like the Diamaris?

Also, since you have 19x9.5 wheels, you can go with either the 255s or 285s. The BMW OEM 19" wheels are 19x9 fronts and 19x10 rears. Thus, even though 285s would work on the 19x9 fronts, I found that the 285s on the 19x9 wheels made the sidewalls flex a little too much and soft for my taste.

Good luck with your choice. I am ordering another set of 285s to replace my rears and I will stick with the Pirellis because of the snow-factor.

Originally Posted by PersonaNonGrata
Thanks for the advice. I was reading up on the Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetricos and they seem to be well regarded on Tire Rack. There is a performance comparison article on The Rack as well and the Pirellis are considered a little old but still good. (LINK)The tire that stood out to me was the Yokohama Advan. Specifically, the dry braking distances for the Advan versus the Scorpion Zero was over 4' better in favor of the Advans.

All charts HERE.

I am actually really leaning towards the Advans. What do you think? I'm not liking the idea of going narrower. I sure like the wider look and more aggressive stance of the 285's.
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