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Originally Posted by Niko
i caught on to that after a few times.

Is there a reason is does that? i asked them to upgrade the software and they did but im still having the same problems (phonebook & wrong caller ID) o well, ill just put my contacts in my favorites for now.

Im thinking of gettin the new blackberry. now before i go buy that, will it download the whole phonebook or is it the same as the TREO?

thanks again!
I think it has something to do with the bluetooth profile. I think the current call doesn't go into the call log until after you hang up. If there is a way to edit that, I think that would fix the problem. I put Filez on my 700p and I can see all the bluetooth files, but I have no clue what entry is for what and I don't want to mess up the files. The way I've gotten around that problem is to put a PDA holder clipped to the center air vent so I can see who's calling w/o having to fumble for the phone. As for the BB, hopefully someone with that phone will chime in as I don't know anything about it. GL!
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