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NA, 2007-2 Pro, (I-Drive) DVD, US cameras POI's :

Both richone52 (for testing and DB) and angelych (for providing the asc2mk4_prof convertor) get full credit.

I've uploaded ALL the files needed to create the modifed disc, (only the extra files needed, not the 2007-2 pro map disc, this you must already have this or get yourself).

You will need UltraISO and DVD Decrypter (or similar).

1) Make an ISO image of your 2007-2 DVD (using DVD Decrypter, something like "C:\BMW\DVD200702pro.ISO").

2) Then open the image in UltrIso and the drag the eng.lsc file out of the "\TPD\ntcBusa_na_20070102\ENG" folder, into the desktop (or any dir)

3) Modify this ISO image with these steps:
a) Add (drag n drop) poi_camera.gif to the "\TPD\Icons" folder
d) Overwrite (drag n drop) the ENG.LSC file in the "\TPD\ntcBusa_na_20070102\ENG" folder.
c) Add (drag n drop) 0215.idx to the "\TPD\ntcBusa_na_20070102\ENG\TABLES\0" folder.
d) Add (drag n drop) 0216 to the "\TPD\ntcBusa_na_20070102\ENG\TABLES\0" folder.
e) Add (drag n drop) SF_9001.HTM to the "\TPD\ntcBusa_na_20070102\ENG\" folder.
f) Add (drag n drop) ST_9001.HTM to the "\TPD\ntcBusa_na_20070102\ENG\" folder.

Now SAVE your now modded map disc ISO File

4) Burn your modified ISO image to a DVD-RW untill you are sure all is OK, then burn to a DVD-R.

5) Open DVD Decrypter
Menú Mode - ISO - Write
In "Source - select a file..." - click on the icon with the yellow folder
Select "C:\BMW\DVD200702pro.ISO" - Open
In "Destination" it will show the model of DVD recorder, if you have various select where you want to record.
In "Settings - Write Speed", select "1x" (i go no higher than 4x speed)
Put a blank DVD into DVD recorder and "DVD Decrypter" will activate the gray button bottom-left to record it

6) To select cameras got ot the "Car and Travel" menu.

If you need any more let me know, but please keep in mind, It has only had limited testing (and I do not have a pro disc reader).

Hope this helps

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