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I know some are repeats from Eugene but here is an update that I'm putting together with pics etc..great turn out I can't wait on getting a few more of you the next time.

Okay this is great some of the customers have posted pics of the Detailer's Domain detail group buy day.

I'll have some more pics up later:

Shots pretty much at the start of the day before the rain

Applying Swissvax on the A4 Avant wagon, pack 3 plus swissvax concorso and paint correction

The end results the next day after the rain of the 1999 A4 Avant (taken by the owner CTA4AVANT , AW)

Prepping the M5, pack 1 plus engine detail

M5 (pics taken by Eugene (the owner of this beauty) on his way back to PA!!!! Thanks for coming out!

More to come!
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