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Having seen the transformations first hand I can say that the pictures give a good idea of the paint quality improvement but it's actually way better in person.

The A4 ahead of me had a very poor quality paint, it had just been beat up thru normal driving and use. Phil fixed it using the most aggressive pad for polishing and applied the Swissvax Concorso, after the treatment and knowing how it looked like before I was amazed that it turned out really GREAT! The paint quality was close to being from a new car that just came off the lot.

I'm not sure if Phil would do this kind of detailing event anymore as I've seen him really work his a** off just to perform miracles on the worst paint surfaces I've seen during the day...

And don't worry Phil, if you ever do this event for the X5World crew I can confidently say that you won't have a tough time as the owners here are as crazy as I am in keeping the paint quality in great condition.

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