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Old question, bit of an update. V3 adapter --> V3xx

Was asked some time ago by a X5 member if it was possible to change a razr V3 adapter to fit the changed charge port on the razr V3xx that he had purchased. I was asked this question again just recently by a Bimmernav customer who had just purchased a BT kit to use with a V3xx. I mentioned that those phones are not yet available in the Great White North, so I could not really comment. Person offered to send along their V3xx phone with the parts to be modified, so I said I would give it a shot. Long story short, it is possible to modify a V3 adapter to fit a V3xx phone. Biggest pain was in making up a new mini USB adapter for charging, and sorting out the snap in adapter's charging circuit. Basically the V3 adapter was cut, stretched and sectioned to allow for the extra 11mm in phone length. The holding/positioning tabs were enlarged to allow for the additional 2mm in the phone's thickness. The width has not changed enough to matter.

So it is possible, if one wants an interesting DIY project.
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