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Thumbs down Meguiar's Gold Class Rich Leather Wipes PICS

I used Meg's Gold Class Rich Leather Wipes---horrible stuff, went straight into the trash. Major It was hard to apply with the wipes, both not enough solution, went through two wipes, and it left the leather blotchy, oily, spotty, and it felt dirtier. I'm going back to the good 'ole Blue Magic spray + MF towels.

Meguiar's Interior Quik Detailer Wipes: Five stars on this product....excellent. I used it on the X3 today, removed scuff on door panels, polished the wood, and made the buttons like new. I really liked the wipe format, much easier to use and manage than spray.

I also used the TW Ice quick detailer (exterior) for a "dry wash", it did exceptionally.

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