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BTUM Not Working

I recently bought one of these:

I installed it in the CPT9000 eject box of my 2004 X5 4.4i, and my phone connects fine with it - the LED on the unit works as expected and it appears properly on the phone as a paried device.

However, the steering wheel and radio controls behave the same when nothing is installed: Pressing the R/T button diplays "PHONEBOOK EMPTY!" and pressing the talk button dials the last number (and I am connected to a recording for the carrier's information/activation message)

Unfortunately, I don't have a v60 phone to test with to see if that even works.
  • Does something need to be programmed for the BTUM or the v60 to work?
  • What do the buttons do in a CPT9000 equipped car normally do without a v60 installed?
  • Any other ideas?
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