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2006 A6 4.2 Blue and WET /Swissvax Concorso

The condition of the car was excellent, all this A6 needed a good wash, clay, polish and Swissvax Concorso treatment []

1. Rinsed down the wheels (they were cool enough to touch)
2. Sprayed down the wheels with some P21S Wheel Cleaner
3. Brush and cleaned the wheels with a Boar's Hair Brush
4. Rinsed down the wheels
5. Rinse the car down
6. Used the foamgun (Adam's Car Wash) to apply soap, let it sit and then
7. Used the Shmitt to wash the car, from top to hood to sides to rear.
8. Rinse car off throughly
9. Since there was no sun out and it was cool, I sprayed Adam's Detail Spray on the panels and proceeded to clay the car (Adam's Clay Bar) after each panel and each window was clayed I used the WW Drying Towel to wipe the excess detail spray off.
10. Car is clayed and dried.
11. Used the Metabo with the Menzerna 106ff to polish out all the minor imperfections. (blue pad)
12. After each section was corrected I buffed off the excess polish with a MF Buffing Towel.
13. Applied Swissvax Cleaner Fluid and removed with MF Towel
14. Applied Swissvax Concorso by hand and let sit for about 10-13 minutes, buffed off to a nice wet and deep shine [up] with a MF Towel
15. Cleaned up the windows with Adam's Glass Cleaner (interior/exterior)
16. Dressed the tires with Adam's VRT (did one pass on the applicator and did a pass using the dry side as the customer prefers a matte finish)
17. Used Adam's Detail Spray to do a final wipe down on the wheels.
18. Used the 1Z Detail Spray for a final wipe down and inspected the car.

Interior was virtually new and keep in great condition, wipe down with 1Z Einszett Cockpit and Leather cleaned and condition with 1Z Einszett Leather Care, and a quick vacuum.

Here are the pics:

Correction on the hood before:



After wash minimal imperfections:

After 106 (sorry no real before shot)

Applying Swissvax Concorso:

After inside:

After outside:

Swissvax Concorso:

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