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BMW recently updated their info on the BTUM and it is now approved for use in the following cars:

7 Series (E65/66)01/03 up to 02/05 Production6 Series (E63/64)12/03 up to 08/04 Production5 Series (E60)09/03 up to 08/04 Production3 Series (E46)01/03 up to 08/04 ProductioX3 (E83)01/03 up to 08/04 ProductionX5 (E53)01/03 up to 08/04 ProductionZ4 (E85)01/03 up to 08/04 Production

The funny thing is their installation instructions show different pro-dates.
for the e53 it shows 10/03-10/04
Im not sure which is correct. At least they are officially saying that it works now.

Try holding the button ont he BTUM down for 30 secs solid. this does a reset of the BTUM and may help.
Good luck
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