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Generally speaking, a BTUM unit will work fine in a CPT9000-equipped 2004+ E53. As DT noted, however, there are build-date guidelines.

You should not have to do any programming of your BT phone or the CPT9000 system. It sounds like your phone is not pairing with the BTUM unit, which is what happened with my first unit (it was replaced under warranty).

The two telephone buttons are not used nor do they offer any other functionality if your car is not telephone-equipped.

The post referenced by PMT was mine from last year. As noted, I had to have it R&R'd by the dealer, after which it worked like a champ.

Well, "worked" is the operative phrase, as it's been in decline for about a month. It began with intermittant voice issues, where I would pair with the unit and try to make a call, but the person on the other end of the call cannot hear me. Then it started exhibiting this problem all the time. I haven't used it in several days - it's a pain to have to hang up, disconnect BT then redial any time I try to make a call. I plan to do the reset on it tonight, and if that doesn't work, then I'll have it looked at again by the dealer.

If your X5 is still under warranty, the BTUm and the CPT9000 system should also be covered under your OEM BMW warranty. Good luck, and be sure to post a reply when you get the system all sorted out.


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